Sunday, November 17, 2013

Clara Oswald Part 1: The Bodice

I'll be making Clara Oswald's barmaid dress from The Snowmen for this year's Chicago TARDIS.  It was a pain in the butt to find the fabric for it, but I finally was able to start construction a few weeks ago.  It's been slow going, so I haven't taken a lot of photos.  Bear with me!

The problem is that there are two different sets of publicity shots, one where the dress has a more red hue, and one where it's more maroon.  I am kind of doing something in between the two, as I couldn't find fabrics that went together for either one.

I started with the bodice, as I wanted to cosplay Clara for the latest Doctor Who Fan Orchestra piece that I participated in, and I only needed the costume from the waist up.  I tacked it together very quickly, so I had to go back and fit it correctly.
I looked everywhere in stores and online for fabric that was suitable.  The original fabric has a raised embroidery, and I just couldn't find anything similar.  I ended up using an upholstery fabric from JoAnn's.   I cannot find what the name is, but I'll update the page when I do.  Anyway, I bought 7 yards.

However, it was too maroon, so I put it in the washing machine and poured in bleach.  Below is my sample - the original fabric is on the left, and the bleached fabric is on the right.

I dyed all 7 yards!

For the bodice, I used Simplicity pattern 1558.  I had to modify the neckline a little bit, as well as the sleeve shape and length.

The buttons are LaMode genuine leather buttons.  They are about 16mm, and really should be smaller.  However, 16mm was the smallest size I could find.

There is lace around the neckline and, I think, the sleeves as well.  I purchased a soft maroon lace at Vogue Fabrics.

Here is the (mostly) completed bodice, front and back.  I still need to turn the bottom under and attach it to the lining, add the final button to the bottom,  figure out what to do with the zipper, and distress the trim at the top.

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