Saturday, January 2, 2016

Paw Patrol!

For Halloween 2015, we made Paw Patrol costumes for our niece and nephew.  One was Super Spy Chase, and the other was Marshall.

It was actually hard to find a plain top and bottom for kids, so I ended up using McCall's 7214 pattern, which is for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume.  I used fleece for the arms and legs, and twill for the shirts.  They each have a collar, which I made out of foam and sewed to the neck.  Marshall has a zipper down the front, which I made to look cartoonish by using black foam and sewing a zipzag down it with gray thread.  Marshall's spots were all hand-sewn.

Chase has bright green stripes, so I used a lime green ribbon and hand-tacked that on (and apparently didn't take any photos ...)

My husband made the backpacks, helmets, and dog tags, which you can read all about on his blog here.  I made ears for Chase out of fleece and pink felt and attached them to the completed helmet.

I attached the dog tags to the collars using the same foam as the collar, and made tails that attached with a safety pin.  The final costumes look amazing!

The niece and nephew thought so, too!

One final note: I don't make costumes to sell, so please don't contact me about having me make these costumes for you.  If you want advice on making your own Paw Patrol costume, you can email me at casualcostumer [at] gmail [dot] com