Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well, I spent two days this week not accomplishing very much. I wanted to put the collar on the dress, but I couldn't figure out the directions. And let me just reiterate - I've been sewing a LONG time; I KNOW how to read sewing directions! It would say to attach the pieces at the shoulder and neck seams - but it didn't say on the pattern which seams they were. It was very difficult trying to muddle through it all. I wasted almost all of my olive green material, too. I finally figured it out, but after I had sewn the olive and the black together (see photo.) Also, I realized that I need to make the lower portion red, and only the collar itself green and black.

I also realized that I'll need to make the top of the collar higher, since hers comes up so high. I did have one accomplishment in the collar department, though. I found that this foam that I purchased for the baby books I made last Christmas is perfect for giving the collar shape. I could probably stuff it with something, but I think the foam will work better. The collar shown is one of my original collars that didn't work out.

I did manage to get the zipper in on only the second try - and the reason it even took two tries was because even though I tapered from a size 16 waist to a size 14 top, I still made the torso way too big. I think the zipper looks darn good!

Another thing that I finished was the sleeves. I think they're just about at the right length, but I can turn them up again if they're not. I did a fancy zigzag stitch to avoid the ugly straight stitch and also to avoid tacking, since this won't actually be seen.

And then, today, I made the splits. I was having a problem because I was doing a zigzag stitch - again, to avoid the same problems with the sleeves, since the material unravels so easily, but I don't want to have tons of folds. But, when I started sewing at the top and made my way down to the bottom of the fabric, it puckered, even though I didn't have pins in it. But, when I started sewing at the bottom of the dress and went up to the top of the split, it laid perfectly with zero pucker! I don't feel like ripping it out, and I'm not quite satisfied with the top of the splits and the natural fall of the fabric anyway, so I will turn them and tack them down. But that's maybe something for tomorrow.

More frustrations - spent 15 minutes tonight in the sewing room figuring out the stitch width/length for the zigzag stitches, and when I went back into the family room to get the dress, I picked it up and pee dripped onto my feet. Yes, the dogs both decided to mark this lovely dress as theirs. I have the dress soaking in cold water with Woolite. As I dropped it into the machine, I thought, "I really should have tested this out on a scrap first." But, I didn't want the pee to set in. I'll go pull it out and rinse it in a minute. I was so mad. I can't believe it - they've been so good for weeks, and they sneak down there and mark it while I'm upstairs. Bad dogs!

At least I haven't hemmed it yet, and most of what got peed on will be cut off. But still - it was SOAKED!

Another exciting thing - I got my rings in the mail! Five whole pounds, but I already think I might need more. I'm going to start putting together the chainmaile this week while we watch TV. I'm very excited about that!

So, once I put the collar on, all I'll have left is hemming and the dress with be finished! I was hoping to have it done this week, but it will probably take a few more days.

Okay, I'm off to make sure I haven't ruined my $100 velvet dress.

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  1. Awesome job on the zipper! I feel your pain on the puckering. So frustrating. With or without pins there's never any winning with puckering. >_< And patterns with mystery directions are the bane of my existence. I need to remake my 1812 skirt and I'm dreading it.