Friday, October 1, 2010

Another commission!

I got another commission for Halloween 2010 - the Aqua Georgette dress from Star Wars Episode II.  It just happens to be one of the dresses I've made!  It's for a friend's five-year-old daughter.  I think it's pretty funny that out of the two costumes I've made for others, they've both been Star Wars outfits (the first was a very, very basic Leia costume).  I luckily have a lot of material left over from the original AG costume, so I'll be using some of that for the dress.  I even have all the lace left over, so she'll be getting essentially a duplicate costume!  I'm very excited to get started on this dress, and will probably start working on it over the weekend.  I'll obviously be using a different pattern for this - Simplicity Pattern 5520.  It has the best cut out of the patterns available, and seems to be the most easily manipulated.

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