Sunday, January 11, 2015

Anna's Dress - Frozen

In addition to the Elsa dresses that I made for Halloween this year (well, last year), I also made two Anna dresses.  Like the Elsa dresses, I used Simplicity 1233 as a basis.

For the bodice, I used a black suede for the main body and a brown suede for the trim.  I used a turquoise satin for the sleeves and neck.  I also added a zig zig stitch to the collar and down the front of the neck to add some embellishment.  (Please note that I did not follow the pattern for the bodice, but modified it myself.)

The bodice attaches to the skirt, which was made with a royal blue broadcloth.  Overlaid on the broadcloth is a turquoise felt (purchased off the bolt).  All fabrics came from JoAnn's.

The bodice and skirt have embroidery, but since I wasn't going to embroider a bazillion flowers, my husband printed out some patterns based on the actual costume.  I then cut each piece out of various felts, which were all purchased at Michael's. 

These individual pieces were meticulously glued on with fabric glue.  I would have preferred to have sewed each one on, but that wasn't realistic based on my time frame.

The cape is my favorite piece of the entire costume.  It's a fuchsia felt from JoAnn's.  The pom pom trim on the top of the cape are 1 1/4" ball fringe with 1/2" pom poms from   The zig zag trim is 1/4" ric rac from  I also did a zig zag stitch around the top part of the cape, since that trim is much smaller than the 1/4" ric rac.  The clasp was from a filigree clasp from JoAnn's.  Of course, now that I don't need the heart-shaped clasp anymore, they have ones that look JUST like Anna's!

And here are the finished pieces!

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