Thursday, December 31, 2015

Eowyn's Green Dress

My friend Katie asked me to make her a dress for Dragon Con.  We decided to make Eowyn's green gown, though she wasn't concerned about being super accurate.  I used The Costumer's Guide to Movies as my main resource.
For the pattern, I used Simplicity 4940 (surprise, surprise - the green dress is even on the packaging).  The outer dress is made out of green crushed velvet from Jo-Ann's.

The under dress, which was used for the reverse of the outer dress as well as the lining, was a metallic paisley brocade, also from Jo-Ann's.  I dyed all nine yards with apple green Rit dye.

The original fabric laid over the dyed fabric
It turned out so well!

Attaching the reverse to the sleeves and skirt was a bit annoying, but it worked out.  I ended up sewing down the seams of the outer fabric to tack it down nicely.  The front panel is open, like Eowyn's.

I also added a collar.

The final touch was adding the embroidery along the collar.  I couldn't find anything I liked, and even dyed some cotton trim before deciding it wouldn't work.  I finally ended up using a gold lace.  I tacked it down and hand-stitched it around the entire collar.  I actually ended up straightening it a bit more from what you see in the photo, as I didn't like how uneven it turned out.

The final product ...

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