Friday, May 7, 2010

Queen Susan ... The Journey Begins

Here's the dress - I guess I should say "costume", because the dress is the least of my concerns - I'm in the process of making for Dragon*Con. I don't think that "ambitious" even begins to cover it. This includes chain mail, bow and arrows, quiver, wrist guard, and a leather corset. Hang on ... getting lightheaded ... deep breaths ... This is why I'm starting this in May when Dragon*Con is in September! Not only do I have to make the dress and corset, I have to figure out how to put all those leather straps on! Can you dye finished leather? Although, the back of the material I purchased is raw, so maybe I can dye that? Who knows ... And then I have to somehow make the quiver - I think I'll just mod a store bought bow and arrows - but let's take one thing at a time!!

I'm using a pattern that I purchased for the red Belle dress that I started making over the winter and had to abandon after deciding to make a new costume for Dragon*Con. It's Simplicity 4940.
The only mod I have to do to it is the sleeves - I'm using Simplicity 9891 for those, minus the ruffle. This is the pattern that I used for the Luthien dress, and the only reason I'm not using the full pattern is that I'm *cough* in the next size bracket and I'm too cheap to purchase a new pattern, even if they are only $.99 on sale. The arms are hidden under the mail, anyway, so even if they aren't as gorgeous as I'd like, no one will know.

I have the leather already and modified a corset pattern that I already had to be the right shape. I did a mock-up with some vinyl scraps that I used as a mock-up for the Padme corset. Yes, I'm a good Bohemian who doesn't throw anything away! In fact, now that I think about it, I think I have some scrap leather laying around somewhere that I might be able to use for the corset ...

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