Saturday, July 17, 2010


This Thursday I spent the whole day focusing on the arrows.

Remember, I'd spray painted five dowel rods a few weeks ago, as well as a bunch of plastic feathers, so it was time to put them all together. I used the dremmel to cut notches in the backs of the arrows (results varied), sanded them down to make the ends a bit rounded, then spray painted them brown again.

After the arrows were dry, I took gold cording and hot-glued one end to the arrow, then wound the rest around, then hot-glued the other end. I had to do this on three spots of each arrow.

I then had to put the finishing touch on the feathers. First, I needed to shape the tops, since the feathers on Susan's arrows aren't rounded. Then, they needed to have a thin band of gold along the tips. I used just gold acrylic paint for that. After that was dry, I hot-glued the feathers onto the arrows, which wasn't as hard as I thought. Although, at one point I had to peel the feather off because it was a little too crooked, so that was annoying.

Finally, I had to put on the last bit of gold cord, the part that wraps around the bottoms of the feathers.

Ta da! I think they look fantastic! The camera doesn't do them justice because of the flash. I still have to do a few touch-ups where I chipped off some of the paint, and I have to cut off a few drops of hot glue with an Exacto knife, but these are mostly finished. I am going to shape one arrow head so that I have one to pose with.

Now I just have to figure out what to do for the bow. I brought home my bow from Michigan, but it's just too long. I am starting to think that I might try to use PVC. I found clay that is supposed to look like wood when it dries (not sure how this will turn out) so I can shape it around the PVC to make it thicker where necessary. The problem with using regular clay is that 99% of it is oven-bake clay, and obviously, not only will the bow not fit in an oven, I don't think we want to be putting PVC in there!

Oh, and here's the picture that I was going off of - this is from one of the Narnia behind-the-scenes books. I think I got about as close as I could get without using real feathers.

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