Saturday, July 17, 2010


Argh! How did I not post the corset pictures? Bad, bad, bad!! I am so proud of it, too!

I spent last Thursday re-watching the first few episodes of Torchwood and working on my corset. To this day, I can tell you what I watched for each part of every costume that I made and every counted cross-stitching project I've made. For instance, my nephew's birth announcement was seaQuest and A Haunting. My other nephew's was made during the commentary from LOTR and Chronicles of Narnia, plus a few Disney movies.

Anyway, I crouched over my table downstairs and got to work on the corset. First I measured the grommets out 1.5 inches from each other, and marked it with chalk. I put all the grommets in, but then once the corset was stitched up, it was still WAY too big. I managed to cut the sides down to where I thought they needed to be, and I also needed to cut the top part of the back panel down. It was just too high. So that meant more sewing.

I figured I only had one more shot to get this right, and several grommets kept falling out of the first run-through, so I tried cutting the hole for the grommets first. I did this by putting in an un-painted grommet, then peeling the back off and taking the grommet out of the hole. Luckily, I had a gross to work with, and I only needed 45 at the most.

After I punched out all the holes, I put in the pewter grommets. A few have still fallen out again just due to the fact that they were a tad too close to the seam and couldn't lock right, but I managed to put new ones in that worked. If anymore fall out, I'll put a dab of glue on the next grommet before I put it in.

I laced up the corset using leather cording that I got at Hobby Lobby, and I think it looks GORGEOUS. It fits like a glove now! Please excuse the angle of the corset - I cannot get it to sit correctly on the mannequin just because it's so very hard to lace it up on that thing. It also laces up much tighter on me than on the dummy.

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