Thursday, January 10, 2013


When I made the Merida Halloween costume for my friend's daughter, I used a gorgeous fabric for the underskirt.  It's stretchy, but just feels amazing.  I thought it would make a great nightgown.

I started working on it last night, so I don't have any photos yet (it's not finished), but I think this nightgown will be my embroidery practice.  I am leaning towards the blue Eowyn victory dress, which is heavily embroidered.  I'm already familiar with embroidery, as I've done quite a few bedspreads and a table cloth, and I've also counted cross-stitched dozens of birth announcements.  But I've never done my own pattern on a dress.  This will be very interesting ...

I should point out that even though I'm not doing the Eowyn armor, my husband is still making Eomer.  I'll probably update about his costume every now and then, as it should prove to be a learning experience.

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